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"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains,
but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
~Nelson Mandela~

I learned very early in life
that without a song a day would
never end
Without a song the road would never bend
without a song

~A Cherokee Blessing~
May the warm winds of heaven blow softly on your home
and the great spirit bless all who enter there
May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows
May the Rainbow always touch your shoulder.


I can say this from my heart
Put in words that are free
With a sentence so long, a poem, a song
To construct in a way you can read.
For my thoughts to run wild
A talent so unique
The poems just flow
To put them on show
All for the people to see
To say it with meaning and hope it's appealing
To write with a spirit so free
To join them together some people say is clever
It's a gift or a talent given to me.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


I had to whisper something
Right into your ear
It came from only my lips
Not a person near
What I had to say
Was I believe the truth?
It came from my heart
It really sounded smooth
You really smell so nice
It's a fragrance I adore
If I could bottle this
I think? I need some more
For it's so strong
I would have to keep for life
If I opened this one up
I would ask you to be my wife.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


Oh! bunny rabbit your fur is so thick
When you sit and eat grass
Your ears do stick
Up in the air, You can hear all around
With hearing so sharp
You don't miss a sound.
Chewing fresh shoots
In the grass where they hide
They keep both ears up
Their eyes open wide.
They have little one's
Who stay on the top?
Right next to the hole
Where they can just drop
Right in side Where it's safe and calm
From dangers and people
Can do them Negative harm.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

The World at Heart

To be born into this big world
See it through children's eyes
Is this world such a good place
Why do adults tell lies?

Why is life so hard?
Making a living such a task
The world united together
Working as one would make it last?

So this word we all do know
Makes life a beam of light
So keep it close to your heart
Please try not to fight.

We were put here to live our life
Enjoy the years we see
With hope in mind and year's so kind
For all eternity.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


My love for you is special
I've wrapped it all in red
I send it with a big red rose
Don't let it go to your head.

You know that I do love you
I call you every day
These words I'm saying
Are special in every way.

I feel my love is stronger
I need you by my side
When I whisper these words to you
I hope you do not cry.

Just to prove my love is true
Darling you will see
I've filled your room with roses
I hope you'll marry me?
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

My Gem

We know the rose is something special
Stands out in all its bloom
A diamond ring is a womans thing
Darling I love you.

I've searched this earth
With hope in mind
To find this gem of mine
Then the day just standing there
Oh! boy she looked divine

My heart it skipped and missed a beat
As I saw her standing still
To bring myself to ask you out
I hope you say you will.

But you did and things are great
I write this just to say
I've got my gem and diamond ring
She's a pleasure to see each day
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

A Lady

To stand with pride intelligence rare
A smile so gorgeous
With lovely long hair.

An I.Q. so vast
A brain thats hard to match
Uinique and definitely surpassed.

A body the world admires
Put on magzines for show
A middle age lady
With a future that glows.

It's not just her brain power
A beautiful head to match
Having a birthday at christmas
Being unprecedented attracts...

Dedicated to Carol Vorderman
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

If Only

I've searched deep from inside
I've looked for that special thing
I've seen that luminous glow you give
I've even heard you sing.

I've walked and wondered why
I've stood and then I seen
I've watched their eyes and seen their smiles
I've even heard them scream..

I've got to admire you
I've had to pick with ease
I've bought a suite so I can move
I've even gone week at the knees...

All is not lost
All is not found
Somethings not obtainable
Love is all around...

I've got what I wanted
I've dug from deep within
I've heard a person whispering
If only I could sing...
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


Instinct gut reaction a feeling inside
Radiating love I know you can't hide
A Passion to embrace
Come together as one
To hold you so delicate
Make you feel and belong.

To feel so secure
Wrapped up in my arms so tight
The warmth we are radiating
is about to ignite.

No words spoken
Your movement says it all
You look like a princess
I'm taking to the ball.

Eye's glitter like diamonds
Your heart skipps a beat
My heart is telling me
To whisk you off your feet.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

A Star

To be recognised
A Joyful ordeal
To stand among your friends
They sense how you feel.

No words can express
Your emotions grow high
Standing on the stage
With tears in your eyes.

A preformance like Shakespeare
The People recognise
That's why you are nominated
You deserve first prize.

Don't swallow with pride
Just take it all in
You know your fantastic
By the trophies that you win.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

My Treasure

There's something I know is special
A pain at times to bare
My love for you is in my heart
That something special we share.

I love you more than life
You have that certain glow
Your body darling is perfect
It's the things you do that flow.

Please don't change my darling
Or argue every day
It's just words that are cruel
You're not a fool
I love you in every way.

I hope by now you believe me
You're the only one I want
If I have to live in harmony
I've picked the best of the bunch.

Sweetheart feel relaxed
You've got me by your side
It's your humour that makes you blossom
Togetherness we have pride..

Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Planet Earth

A planet so big
A world so intense
Survival of the fittest
There's none of it pretense.

To kill to feed the young
To drink and hide from the sun
To take shade from intense heat
Or just to rest the feet.

This gorgeous world
A planet to bask
For each and every animal
To survive is just a task.

For animals unique
For species unseen
Let's keep the world beautiful
By all going green.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Golden Dream

The sun beaming down
The heat so extreme
A day so gorgeous
You know what I mean

Sitting by the poolside
With a cocktail by my thigh
The discos playing beautiful
I've got her in my eye.

Dreams are made of this
A static touch or kiss
A magic wand that you just wave
To drop me into a world of bliss.

I'm floating on a cloud
It's just like heaven above
Why is everybody looking at us?
Its a feeling of being in love.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

Only Time

The clicks and rythms no choir to retract
The sounds they're playing
Precision intact
Instrumental united with ease
plucking of strings
Sounds on a breeze
Rain drops fall on glass,a running thrill
Tranquil music makes time stand still
In harmony and peace your thoughts are as one
Plucked like a harp, a feeling to belong
A passion to embrace
Suppress or conceal
With these beautiful sounds
It's only warmth that you feel.
Dedicated to Enya
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

Pop Idol

I think it's time for seduction
We need no introduction
Our touch was so electrifying
What my heart feels I was denying.

So gorgeous vivacious pure and bright
By all mankind standards
An angel burning bright.

A sound to your ears
Your heart desires more
Like a rhythm of waves
When there rolling ashore.

It all comes together
So beaufiful and bright
When the pop idol you love
Is singing on the night.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


A heart ship not in the making
Life full of surprise
A path you think is straight
it's just filled with lies.

Deceit, illusions, in time just pain
The misfortune of "You", for someone to gain
Treated as foolish, planned to a tee
Integrity in shatters, thrown out to sea.

Cofidence broken intimidated and shy
To just find a corner
To sit down and cry.

This life so good, your mum said was sweet
It's full of corrupt people
Who just knock you off your feet?
I'd like to be part of things, shining so bright
A world made for humans
Where people don't fight.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

Nations United

United we stand divided we fall
This beautiful earth we have it all
There is an old proverb that is a fact
In a barrel of apples there's always one bad.
Make a stand for humanity, freeze like a sculpture
Root out all the Evil, now and in the future
This earth is precious for all evil to exist
Families that are parted, fathers truly missed.
Heroes of this world, rescue teams that are fast
All the people that are missing
We will keep in our hearts.


A thrush swoops down and lands on the grass
It starts its dance with hopes to catch
Dislodge the grass stamp down and between
To bring up the worms otherwise unseen
A tasty snack needs lots to fill
That's why these birds will not stand still
To sit on a branch and groom just right
Essential feathers they need for flight
But all in all a selection vast
A variety of birds with beauty to last
The morning breaks for these sounds to begin
Chirp out with such splendour these sounds as they sing
So small with feathers and wings to fly
Let's keep natures best and don't let them die.
Tony Smith
Copyright ©2007 tony smith


A bird flying high in the sky
Way below the clouds
With a view to say can see his prey
Way down on the ground.

A hunter and a king of the skies
The eagles domain with boundaries high
It patrols its domain with eyes like a hawk
For the birds that fall prey
From the air that they stalk

Like a bullet so swift
As it drops from a height
With its claws wide open
Theres nowhere to hide.

As it rips it apart
To give its young a good start
For the next king of the skies
A bird so unique with a curve on its beak
Thats the eagle with wide-open eyes.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


Life is so sweet a dream so high
to see each day as time goes by
the air we breathe the sounds we hear
each new life born among the deer.
There's more in store to catch the eye
for everyone born, there's one to die
but this beauty natures best
a new child born out weighs the rest.
Beauty is in the creator
each child born is Mother Nature
the organs used with deep filled love
with prayers to thank the Lord Above.
Tony Smith
Copyright ©2003 tony smith

A Bet

A one-pound note to take in mind
What can I buy what can I find
With interest and with luck
I might find something good.
Donít build your hopes up too high
Itís only a pound you might cry
With this result you have to ask
My one-pound note might not last
So take a chance a pray to God
Like all the others who bet the odds
Put it down then cross them all
The horse you picked does not fall.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


A car is just a motor
To get us from A to B
Some people think itís more than that
Or is it necessity.
Do we really need it?
To pollute the air we breathe
The queues of traffic get longer
This we do not need.
Lets go back to the good old days
Have a horse to pull us along
Enjoy natureís creation
For this is where we all belong
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


If you really mean it
Say it from the heart
If you can see it
Make a fresh start
Make a fresh start.

If you know itís true
The sparkle is there
When you reach for the stars
Youíre a person who cares
Youíre a person who cares

If you sense an angel close
Your body starts to glow
Stay calm enjoy the feeling
Itís something you both know?

If you think of heaven above
Conceal a smile when you sign
Then you have found
What you have been searching for
Youíve had it all the time.

If by now you feel the warmth
Youíll feel relaxed and content
Then ďSayĒ it to everyone you meet
Iím glad to be your friend
Iím glad to be your friend.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


Surfing the net, things look so new
Programs are getting harder
I donít know what to do?
Now comes a thought spontaneity chafe
Iíve got a good friend
Sheís really a good laugh.
Iíll just send here a message
Thatís good, I see sheís about
Iím downloading a program
Iíll give her a shout.
As always sheís talking
Iím busy she said
I know sheís talking with a man
I wish he were dead.
What am I to do?
When her hormones are going fast
Iím starting to pull my hair out
I donít think I'll last.
Oh! Boy Iím getting hotter
My blood is at record speed
Iím going up town now
Mother! Is there anything you need?
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

A Song
Sweet little Angel

She is a sweet little angel (Iím so sweet)
She is as pure as gold (pure as gold)
Sheís waving her wand now (waving her wand)
So we wonít grow old (wonít grow old)

Take my hand we will walk together
Feel the sun shining down
This is the place we belong together
Where there are fields all around.

Walking down in the meadow
Insects flying all around
The sun is getting hot now
Let us sit down on the ground

She is a sweet little angel (Iím so sweet)
She is as pure as gold (pure as gold)
Sheís waving her wand now (waving her wand)
So we wonít grow old (wonít grow old)

Iím just looking at her beauty
With her lovely long blond hair
Iím sitting here speechless
With her looks I just stare

Iíve moved my head towards her
Just to give her a kiss
Iíve just kissed an angel
All I feel is bliss

Take my hand we will walk together
Feel the sun shining down
This is the place we belong together
Where there are fields all around.

She is a sweet little angel (Iím so sweet)
She is as pure as gold (pure as gold)
Sheís waving her wand now (waving her wand)
So we wonít grow old (wonít grow old)
So we wonít grow old (wonít grow old)
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


I found a new inspiration
A smile sincere and bright
A look thatís so vivacious
In my arms to hold you tight

Youíre a person the world admires
A picture for life to keep
The pain in my heart is unbearable
My love for you is so deep.

A talent that flows so natural
A body that moves with ease
Thatís why you connect to the people
Everybody else agrees

You move with style and distinction
The manner youíve acquired and tamed
Youíll never have misfortune
For something you have proclaimed.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


Two little words to show you care
It sounds so sweet when youíre standing there
To put it in writing at the end it looks good
Simply to thank-you is something I should

Youíve gave the world a sound to hear
Thatís why today they still cheer
Two angels with voices aloud
And thatís what attracts the crowd

With harmonies so sweet
These sounds of delight
Its music you keep playing
All through the night

Whatís the name of the game?
Take a chance on me
Does your mother know?
Dancing queen

I only picked four
From a selection vast
But weíre still playing ABBA
There not in the past
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


Youíre the one I admire
You have that certain look
My love for you is in my heart
Please come and have a look

You had a look and were amazed
Your body filled with delight
I gently put your hand on my chest
You did not jump with fright

I have to tell you what I think
I dream about you all the time
If I had the powers above
Iíd surely make you mine

You have told me on a night
You can not sleep or cry
All you do is hug your pillow
And wish I were by your side

I can not leave your dreams at night
I wish I were by your side
It was love at first sight
I seen it in your eyes

Iím glad you have my photo
Itís that glance when you look
Please keep dreaming of me every night
And give the pillow a hug.
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith

Christmas Day

The snow is like a blanket spreading all around
The flakes are coming down so fast they're lying on the ground
The children are throwing snowballs
Thereís some playing on a sledge
The one's that are having real good fun
Are skating on the edge
In the room the fire blazing hot
As mother keeps an eye on the children out
But in her hand she has a glass
Of something pure and stout
Thereís paper all over the floor
Presents neatly stacked
Thereís mince pies sitting on the table
You can hear people laugh
That time as come the smells all round
The turkey has been cooked
Your senses tell you in your mind
You have to have a look
Give them a shout bring them in
Lets all sit down and dine
Christmas day is to share
Pray when things are fine
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


Christmas is coming
There's presents to be found
Snow on all the roof tops
It's laying on the ground
Songs in the churches
Good will to all amen
The festive spirit is in the air
People gather and spend
Happiness joy laughter and song
The year has been short
Hope the next will be long
lets all enjoy this special day
With fruit food and wine
Families gather full of cheer
To sit down and dine.
Copyright © 2013 Tony Smith

Diamond Ring

I was thinking of a gift so small and special
In that certain way
To see your eyes open up
Just on Christmas Day

To feel your kiss on my lips
That smile so wide and bright
My present has had that desired affect
I'll ask you to be my bride

I kneel before you
Stretch out my arm with luck
Your eyes see my prize
You know it's going to be good

You open it up to your delight
There's diamonds all around
I'm asking you to be my wife
"Yes" you make me proud
Copyright © 2007 Tony Smith


Admiration not desire
Affection within
To lift spirits higher
A place to begin
Technique a body with looks
Pression intact songs in your books

Admire the world
Give them a song
For the love of this planet
Is where you belong?

No one has the answer
To seek and have a look
True peace lies within
Itís a feeling so good.

Keep thoughts that are free
Use your own sight
Love your friends and the people
Thatís the meaning of Life.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith


Shining bright with wings of silk
She's smaller than your hand
Dances through the air with grace
So beautiful when she stands

On my shoulder off she goes
Then rests upon my head
Sparkles then glows so bright
I think it's time for bed

Lying there in the dark
She flickers in the night
You fall fast asleep
Your Angles burning bright
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith


The world is about children
They are the next on show
We are living like kings
They've no where to go

"Yes" Leona it's ironic to see
When food is in abundance
And you live like a Queen
A hotel is a business
With means to go on
These children have nothing
Not even a song.

Still full of joy
A smile then grief
Where are my parents?
Why can't I see?
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith

Know Your Heart

A heart that goes on
A heart that never stops
A heart that's doing kind things
We all call a job

This one is special
it's time taken out
To raise so much money
Share it about

We take it for granted
Each new day ahead
Please try remember
The sick in their beds

Children without parents
People left alone
If you had a heart
You'd give them a home

Think of Christmas
Be happy and joy
Think of the times
When you were a boy
Know your Heart.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith

The First Time

The first time I saw you smile
Your eyes sparkling bright
That smile so gorgeous
I knew it felt right

The first time our hands touch
My heart skipped a beat
You sent shivers through my spine
A tingle in my feet

The first time I looked
You were standing with fright
As I gazed into your eyes
I knew this was right

The first time I kissed you
With lips so moist
It was exciting
That I felt rejoiced

The first time I hugged you
Alone on the night
I just wanted to kiss you
Hold you with pride

The first time with our baby
You cried all the time
But I've got no regrets
What was your fist time.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith

A Heart

I've been looking for weeks
Nothing is catching my eye
For something spectacular
No need to apply

Money is out of the question
For what I've got in mind
This present is so outstanding
It was given to mankind

It has to be gorgeous
Something not on show
When you have it in your thoughts
Your heart will tell you so

My love for you is in my heart
Buried really deep
My dreams are real, its what I feel
When we're both asleep

You touched my chest
I felt the love
You made me feel divine
I know you care
It's something we share
Untill the end of time
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith


Lets praise the lord above
For when we kneel
We give our love
In prayers in hymns
In lyrics in speech
For every breath inhaled
To dream to sleep
With sight we see
A sense to smell
The taste of food
A tongue to tell
A touch to feel
Sounds all around
The movement of hands
We stand proud
Feelings inside
Warm and happy
Itís my turn
To change the nappy
The next generation
So small and cute
For your genes to continue
When you canít move
With every word
With every tear
With every step
He can hear
The feeling deep inside
The love you share
To hold oneís pride
When you kneel
And pray above
Share your feelings
Give your love.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith

Love at First Sight

There are sounds we all make
There are signs with our hands
There are sparkles in your eyes
It was love at first glance

With beauty so deep
You glowed in the light
Those eyes were just sparkling
I knew it was right

I stood and gazed at your beauty
The dress and your smile
The scent of your perfume
Made it all worthwhile

You stood so elegant
With beauty and charm
I had to be a gentleman
Give you my arm

With beauty so deep
You glowed in the light
Those eyes were just sparkling
I knew it was right

We walked by the river
On a glorious day
If only I could kiss you
But! What would you say?

I put my hands on your shoulders
I turned you to my right
Then I kissed you on the cheek
thats a gentleman being polite

With a thought and then a smile
You kissed me on the lips
It was warm soft and wet
As I held on to your hips

With beauty so deep
You glowed in the light
Those eyes were just sparkling
I knew it was right

My blood was running hot and true
My heart was telling me Iíve found you
Do you believe in love you can't hide?
I do now shes my bride

With beauty so deep
You glowed in the light
Those eyes were just sparkling
I knew it was right.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith


An achievement society deems us all
From a young age to being an adult
Your taught to win them all
To compete and strive for success
To beat your opponent
To be the best
Lets bring the curtain down
Lets feel more relaxed
Make goals and achievements
A thing of the past
Lets concentrate now
Then we all join as one
You'll be surprised with no goals
All your having is"FUN".
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2008 Tony Smith


I have to see what is behind a rainbow
I have to look and see inside
I have to find the place that is beautiful
a place for me and you to hide.

The beams of light are shining around us
The colours just light up the sky
To be sharing this beautiful moment
Just to stand and watch you cry.

In a world of imagination
In a rainbow we can reach the sky
let us stand and hold hands forever
for my love theres no need to cry.

What we share is somethings special
Now we have found what is behind
In the glitter of the bright colours
Is the words to be kind.

Let us share it with one another
Smile when the rainbows in the sky
At the end its hidden for ever
Now there's no reason to cry
The words are truly enlighting
If you take the time to find
Why you have been searching
When you only have to be Kind.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2010 Tony Smith


A Decision youíve made
A path steered straight
Its something you do
We call fate
Events in life are all in a chain
Its what makes us human
So donít point and blame
Live it to the fullest
The outcomes in your grasp
It can be simple
Or simply a task

An event in time is important
For this one you surely reach
With both your minds and hearts content
The dreams you have in your sleep
Live it well there is no chart
Or pages within a book
A path to share
To show you care
Is a decision thatís worth a look.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2010 Tony Smith


A masterpiece in the making
Created from the mind
Sculptured with your thoughts
Deemed to be so fine

Elegance just to look at
Shakespeare at its peak
Written for only those eyes
Who know are the cheats

The ones who claim for themselves
This spectacular work of art
Have the cheek to take all the credit
Which means you donít even start

With mission impossible
Close by your side
Donít even take on the battle
Better to hold oneís pride

In an ocean filled with danger
the big slimy and slick
Have made the chance of you winning
Only to make you feel sick.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2010 Tony Smith

Be My Valentine

My heart was weeping for you
My mind is already made up
I'm sending you a red rose
Together with my love.

You are so special
Each day I see you smile
To hold you close in my arms
You make all things worth while

You are more than gorgeous
Unique in your own way
I can not write or put in words
Truly what I need to say

Say you will be my valentine
Next time I ring you up
I'll give you the key to my heart
Show you all my love
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2011 Tony Smith

Queen Elizebeth 11

To reign supreme from an age so young
Of beauty vast that smile has won
Dedicated years sincere and bright
A challenge from within to stand and fight
With heart and mind a soul content
You gave it all so don't repent
To give to all from deep inside
To share your heart but hold one's pride
To bring together in such a way
Relaxed at meeting but orders obeyed
Unite together impossible tasks
For the world to have faith in what some lack
Bring joy see peace through times of grief
To share with the world your jubilee
Of history so great lets not forget the past
A fly by of history planes built to last
But all in all the world's thoughts are the same
God save the Queen long may she reign

Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Queen Mother

One that will be truly missed
A heart of gold not a gift
Inside she was unique
She love the world
Now they weep
She gave a glow and smiled so nice
Charles did feel this deep inside
A castle with beauty, a garden supreme
This was hers not a dream
Lets keep in mind and don't forget
The years she gave, the people she met
Always keep fond memories in mind
To have such a Lady
Who stood so Divine
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Oh Diane

Oh Diane with love so deep
A heart of gold the world will keep
Her boys so close to her heart
Her love she shared worlds apart.

Oh Diane rest in peace
The entire world does weep
Now deep down in your heart
The love you gave will never part
Oh Diane you have left something special
For all the world to see
Look after the sick and needy
Make the world a better place to be.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

The Spitfire

Pull the blade once or twice
On a cold morning dew
The Merline engine coughs out smoke
But always runs true.

With a hand operated air brake system
As you taxi along
The engine at 90kts my lift off feels strong
Then up in the air you feel a delight
The controls are so easy
You should see it in flight.

In tight formation with the sun right behind
Their eye's wide open for the hun in the skies
To stop their deliverance of bombs dropped in vain
The disaster the cause
The never ending pain.

An aircraft so technical
The aerodynamics just right
The power of the merlin engine
The spitfire won the fight
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2004 Tony Smith


Remember them all
The women and men
The Courage they had
Determined to win.

To fight for their country
For valour with pain
To stop war for ever
For peace to remain.

For the next generation
To make this world bright
The poppy is for remembrance
For those who did fight.

New Year Poem

Start the year with change
There's only one that can be done
It starts deep from within
It's not a thought that can't be bought
Or something that you win

Look at time then look ahead
Make a small change of heart
Then things you do will alter you
This is just the start

Doors will open you'll be amazed
As things are done with speed
You'll feel content with all your friends
Only to succeed

Now your relaxed feel good inside
The future is looking bright
The change you made lets not tempt fate
Was done from deep inside
Copyright © 2012 Tony Smith

If only I had met "You"

If only I had met you
things would have been so cute
standing there next to me
in a very good mood

If only I had met you
I would spoil you every day
I would shower you with gifts and presents
give you what you say

If only I had met you
my heart I would open up
to show you how much I really care
see how deep is love

If only I had me you
I would take you far away
throw down my gold and treasures
just to hear you say

If things had been different
I had not been caught
If only I had met you
then today I would be yours
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Special School

Welcome to this school
You will find to your delight
A caring group of teachers
Where children always smile.

A place that is consistent
Achieves the hardest task
To teach the special Children
Always makes them laugh.

I'm sure you will agree
It gives you peace of mind
Your children are in safe hands
Learning all the time.

To congratulate the Head
All his merry staff
Where children come to learn
Also have a laugh
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


Give a thought for the poor
always keep in mind
we have clothes and riches
they are one of a kind.
They only need a hand
to help them on their way
to educate their children
In such a special way
things they do will feel so proud
not to beg for food
to wait for clothes or even soap
just to make a move.
teach them well
show them how
to grow the things they need
then in time things will be fine
with plenty food and seed.
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

To Give

I dream of an angel
who looks so white as snow
her little wings the coloured things
the circle in which she glows
they say it's in your memory
its something you don't believe
if you saw it with your own eyes
then truly it must be
they watch over us each night we sleep
make our dreams so true
to win so much is this so good
what are we meant to do?
with thoughts so deep and gifts we keep
makes life a joy to live
with treasures vast and clothes that last
I think it's time to give.
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Winning Numbers

Sunday has gone the night is here
the weekend flew I drank some beer
the laughs we had the food we ate
the films we watched and stayed up late.
now inside the feelings gone
to look forward to work not thanks its wrong
then you hear the sound you hate
the alarm's gone off I can't be late.

Then up you get and run around
I've nothing sorted no clothes to be found
no time to eat just toast and butter
Oh! God I'm in such a flutter.

You get to work just past the gate
Two more minutes I would have been late
then you think in your mind
God an easy day please be kind

Then comes life the world we know
the easy days gone but even so
we all have dreams some we hide
to get on in life THE BALLS DECIDE.
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


A friend is someone nice
who helps you all the time
they make you laugh when things are bad
they giggle when you're fine
helps you out when things go wrong
hugs you when your sad
brings tears of joy
not to spoil the nights when your glad
to tell your problems and iron out
the things you don't understand
to talk them through feel so new
it's great your friends at hand
I thank you with words I can't say
or speak them from my mind
you are the best friend I could have
you're one of a kind
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


I think you are really special
one I will always love
a son I can admire
as only a mother should
you mean so much to me
I'm proud that I have you
my son you're so handsome
very intelligent too
now your life is starting
there is so much to see
always remember my son
ask if there is anything you need
I will always be there for you
no matter what you say
this mother does love you
In a very special way
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


I've thought of something different
In lines and verses true
When you read them altogether
It makes sense of what I do.

Its not just to scribble
Make things look so neat
There from inside, some are wide
The rest are hidden deep

When I bring them out
Read them all to you
You can compare and even say
My poems are different too

When you have finished reading
Remember this is fact
Poems are built from deep inside
Always make you act.
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


There's workmen working on the bridge
The wood decaying along the ridge
To keep the things of ancient past
To preserve and make them last

In this park so grand and long
Of fields so green where dogs run on
Peoople walk admire the view
On a summers day its gorgeous too

A monument stands pretty tall
Men who gave their lives for all
A reminder of the past
War exists it does not last

A park filled with lots of trees
A bench to sit and feel the breeze
Or just collect your thoughts inside
Watch the fish as they do rise.
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


Love is something special
You feel it in our heart
You can't express the feelings
But know when your apart.

It burns deep within you
A pain not nice to bear
My heart is weeping
If only I was there.

Just to be at home
The place we all love best
To see the smile on her face
Now my hearts at rest.

We all can use this word
Cherish it in our hearts
Stay close to your loved ones
Hope you never part.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith


A field of wild flowers
A river bank full of trees
A river so wide
With a current you can see
The flies skim the surface
Some hover just above
The ones that are not careful
The fish really love
The birds sing from the bushes
Where its covered thick and green
You can hear car noises
But there no where to been seen
A crow lands and searches along the river bank
Flower seeds dispersed with the wind
Its natures thing
You can thank.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2003 Tony Smith

Happy Birthday

Birthday time has come today
A year has gone what can I say
Another year it feels the same
Age is just a numbers game

A heart within a voice so kind
To have more laughs and even find
The years ahead get more intense
To have good years spent with friends

Let's add this one with all the rest
Improve the one thats coming next
Feel rejoyced and relaxed
With the family mum and dad.

Go out and make this year neat
Inside the next one's looking sweet
Feeling emotions laughter and pain
Birthdays are gorgeous lets keep them the same
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2012 Tony Smith

Father's Day

A day to remember as all the family should
To dad for being here
His contribution to fatherhood
To cherish the years of happiness
The feeling and the pain
To put into words for you dad
Our love is still the same
Happy Father's day.
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2012 Tony Smith


May your day be filled with happiness
Your ball keep out the rough
Keep hitting it out the bunkers
This is what happens when you bluff

You only have to focus
keep the legs and swing in line
But if you didn't have that brandy
Things would have worked out fine

Don't worry if it bounces of trees
Then ends up in the drink
It will look just like when your finished
Wet and tired I think

Remember the game is for leisure
The sunny day is for the crack
Enjoy your day when you are out there
Cause I know I'll soon have you back
Tony Smith
Copyright © 2013 Tony Smith


I miss you Grandma very much
just to think puts a tear in my eye
my heart is telling me you were special
Yes! I know some day we all will die
you had a presence that we all did feel
just to see you smile
I'll cherish the thoughts and pictures too
I promise I'll try not to cry
your in a palace unique and grand
with others in rooms to bare
but in time when the bells do chime
we all will be sitting up there
until the day we do depart
reunite in heaven above
I'm sending you lots of kisses too
sealed with lots of love.
Copyright © 2013 Tony Smith


I hold you all in high esteem
to read each in line
put's tears of joy, lumps in throats
you say my poems are divine

I try to write each with passion
with lines you can admire
but most of my poems are filled with love
which sets my heart on fire

in all I write comes the truth
to say it's done with pride
if you read each poems unique
some are hidden wide

this one is so special
to hit the spot
when finished the words you'll say
his poems have glow
to put them on show
or to simply read all day
I hope they hit that inner spot
everything works out fine
it's a talent unique to give you a peep
keep making these poems rhyme

I've done my best
in joy in youth
I've gave you all my love

but these poems speak for themselves
it's simply called the Truth.;
www.mio2mio.webs.com Copyright © 2013 Tony Smith


I've written a little hundred
there sitting on the net
spread out on my website
so you don't have to fret

believe in a little angel
all mighty God above
know deep within your heart
it's always filled with love

friendship with your mother
children you always keep
your own little princess
the pet beneath your feet

family you hold precious
memories you'll never forget
loved one's that have parted
friends you wont forget

your here for such a short time
to help the kids along
then time catches up with you
it's hard to remember the song

memories you keep locked inside
found moments in the past
wishing everyday you have
hoping that it lasts

words can be precious
picture stops a frame of time
this love and life upon this earth
it what makes us all divine.
Copyright © 2013 Tony Smith

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